1. Why Ayaba Cho put his camp in Mataw? Why were his boys protecting fin Mukete's cocoa farm instead of our vulnerable people? Why monetary transactions did Ayaba has with fon Mukete's manager? Bcus, we have all credible evidence from his messages communicated to GZ with his general. Why did he go that far as take Lrc soldiers, dress them like Amba boys together with some of his few fighters who make up a forty man squad well armed, and then blindfolded gen Tiger and others to come and help him for backup, only for gen Tiger to discover on arrival that they were in the hands of the enemy. Ayaba Cho,Tapang, and some of you who know the truth, but yet cover evil will never go free for this. You can argue your case and try to cover up your evils by blackmailing the IG and others as you're trying to do, but you can not win b4 God. We already know where the cancer that is killing our people in this struggle comes from. God can never lie to us, he has revealed to us already n all some of us have to do is to go down on our kneels and cry to God to pluck out the human monsters, the Judas Iscariot out of our way whoever they are. Trust me terrible things will happen bcus God can not sit quiet and wztch some traitors destroy the lives of 8million people. When you genuinely answer all the questions i have asked, then you will know the stand of some of us in this struggle. I'll rather stay with lrc than be under a monstrous dictator in the likes of your masters Ayaba Cho and Tapang Chiroma who have no regards for human lives. You kill your own in such a barbaric monstrous manner and still have the guts to come on social media bragging and saying baby crying for milk, dare ADF next time goats and you come here to try to cover up and blame the IG. To hell with all of you human monsters in ADF. I rather Sako embezzle all my money as you guys are singing and spare my live period.

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