Ladies and gents, for over 2 months now, there has been public manifestations both at home and abroa…

2 years ago

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Ladies and gents, for over 2 months now, there has been public manifestations both at home and abroad. These peaceful marches have focused squarely on Western diplomatic missions abroad.

These protests have been and continue to be marred with wide scale human rights abuse at home. When it comes to abroad, the “pro humanitarian” West have turned a blind eye. Despite all these setbacks, the persistence of both the protesters and the leaders are remarkable. Thumps up!!!

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Is it not however clear that focusing ONLY on the West is a “waste of time”? Is it not important that such protests should now be re-directed Eastwards ( Russian/Chinese diplomatic missions: they too are UN Security Council members)? One can’t continue to be doing the same things repeatedly and expect different results.

The name of the game is “interest”. Nothing more and nothing less. By their (west) silence, it’s clear that they are in bed with LRC. History also bares this out. Why will they come to our rescue for heaven’s sake ? If the west is claiming ignorance to the current crises, our protests marches to their embassies is more than enough enlightenment.

Russia and China are moving up the global ladder in modern times. It will be in their interest to show to the world that they are rather the ones keeping peace and upholding human rights where the West is failing. We have however failed to seek their intervention.

Look at the speed with which the West invaded Libya and Ivory Coast. These countries did little or nothing to bring their situations to the “international community”. The only reason they quickly intervened was because of selfish interests. Federation or independence is NOT in the interest of France ladies and gents. The West have never cared for human rights especially when it comes to black people.

It’s high time anglophones and Africans re-assess our relationships with the West. Let’s organize protests marches to the following partners as well:

– Russian and Chinese diplomatic missions

– protest to MTN headquarters especially in South Africa to bring back the Internet. They are now complicit in the abuse in Cameroon.

– protest to South African parliament, presidency, opposition headquarters to let them stand by MTN to reinstate Internet in Cameroon. MTN stands a chance to violate the Internet blockade if it is backed by the government of South Africa.

– African Union, ECOWAS, SA diplomatic missions

– protest marches to Aljazeera news, RT (Russia Today) news and other non mainstream channels

Let’s try new ways and new outcomes are guaranteed.

The struggle continues.

Che Abongwa

Courtesy of… G Stam Steal || 2017-01-28 09:26:10

The Struggle Continues

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