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Ladies how do you respond to “Stay Away From My Man”?

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Ladies how do you respond to “Stay Away From My Man”?😏✋

Courtesy of… Shey Bae La Boo || 2018-03-21 13:07:24

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  1. Eva Morena says:

    Tttstssssuipppppp ur man my foot

  2. My man tsssuips do u own him?

  3. Martha Djam says:

    na some better man sef

  4. Tell ur man to stay away from me

  5. All these girls commenting does it mean …?

  6. Like say na me and you wah own!!!

  7. Odette Agah says:

    Hmmmm. So all these girls dem d folk pipo dia man.

  8. Manda Glory says:

    ” if u were woman enough he wouldn’t come chasing me “

  9. I will tell her tell ur man to stay away from me

  10. Kwati Cyndy says:

    Ur man with ur name for yi face?

  11. Joy Blessing says:

    Alright i will
    I have no problem with the grl. It’s the guy i will go and get well beaten.

  12. I will try to know who came first then apologize to her and tell i will try to

  13. Go and give your man some good fuck then he wouldn’t come running after me. Moreover, I don’t date married men.

  14. Nsani Odette says:

    I just give her a list of all the men asking me out for her to select her own man and send to me. Because i don’t know which of them she is talking about. 😜😜😜😜😜

  15. Bebeh Zita says:

    Na to day? Ma sister

  16. Tell your man to stay away from me.

  17. Ngwa Azinwi says:

    Funke! What did you just say?? Your man??

  18. Lema Carol says:

    Tell him to stay away from me

  19. Bessong Atuh says:

    De man dem plenty abeg na which one no dr

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