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Lady can you do this to your husband

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Lady can you do this to your husband

Courtesy of… Antionette Fonayen || 2017-02-05 18:43:53

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  1. I cannot do this to my love

  2. heel no nomatter what

  3. Sylvia Tema says:

    God forbid I can’t

  4. Mic Micky says:

    Haba Haba love him more abi??

  5. That’s very wrong. A woman who does this is not only a disgrace but also shaming her femininity

  6. Abumere Hope says:

    God please deliver this man from this punishment. This woman is demonic.

  7. Kett Johnson says:

    I can’t do this to my husband because he is poor but some rich women do this to their husband

  8. Mercy Fonyuy says:

    I can nt,dis is rubbish

  9. Mary Osiwu says:

    Yes …very well.lol

  10. A do ths tin.say a smook banga!!,,a no fit,,

  11. Why should I? We are all equals

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