Land or Death: Apartheid’s Final Reckoning

7 months ago

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South Africa’s government is finally responding to popular pressure to redistribute its land, decades after the end of apartheid. Land which is still overwhelmingly owned by white people.

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Is the legacy of apartheid about to be brought to an end? Or will this be the dawn of a race war, ending in white genocide?

redfish´s Yasmin Fanselow travels to South Africa to investigate.
Reported by Yasmin Fanselow

This documentary was shot and produced by Redfish Media and 2nacheki is distributing it with their permission.

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The Struggle Continues

43 thoughts on “Land or Death: Apartheid’s Final Reckoning”

  1. Yeah great numbers lets see how a few thousand trained whites do against a whole country with millions of blacks who rightly will be willing to die to collect there land back from these parasites these whites are insane Loooooooool

  2. Hilarious and scary.

    Those Europeans are so racist that the "spokesperson" doesn't trust them to have a basic conversation with the Journalist without spouting their filthy ideology on camera.

    Also, for any black people still caping for Israel, you really need to check yourself.

  3. And they served Hamburgers? For breakfast? I had fat cake and mongola. And the Suiderlanders say Blacks are not allowed in their camp. Why!?
    Black people what did you have for breakfast this morning.

  4. No more injustice by these wicked ppl acting like there rite i read history and it shows us clear sup.thure lucky that the africans still talking.and trump by talking out shows us sup with him.lusten thriffs are tgrifff fuck yall tryimg to mske others look bad.same techniqe yall been using for hubereds of years,yall acting tge same way.nothing different.

  5. My problem with Mgxitama, the guy for Black Land First, when a vulnerable black family, lost its daughter in a vehicle accident by Jacob Zuma's Duduzane, and tried to quash the case, he never became voiceful to call for justice to be seen to served for the victims, instead he sided with an alleged guilty party, for me he lost it, he can not either complain about abject poverty black South Africans find themselves in, because he supported the most corrupt president not to step down, he is a Wolfe in a ship skin. He can not stand up straight when the men and women of integrity and good moral values are called in. He sings for his supper, he even become blind to push away victims of those who are strong and powerful provided, he has something to gain. If he wants the land and real to black lives matters, he should have organised military training more or similar to those white right trainee, because, he is a hypocrite of note, he only opens his loud mouth. ANC is a disgrace, never won any military meaningful projects in its existence of 107 years or so, it only incites black people to walk in death traps, the only meaningful and a party that has guts to put up a meaningful fight and resists against any military and propaganda attack is the IFP, led by Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, it fights gallatantly, viciously and straight up to the enemy with backing down, ANC are the worst cowards, I have ever met, they are hero's on TV, if this Afrikaner had directed to the IFP, a Zulu dominated party, that foreigner from the IDF, would have smell death nearer, and would know that South Africans are not Palestinians, the reason he is there is the very same reason of ANC getting involved in Palestinian issue, now Is real through its retired special forces are not buying the nonsense, they are putting war right in the door step of the ANC, whilst it is busy stealing, mismanaging the country and the resources, it might need when the fight broke up. A Potty there are cowards, they will talk peace from their Mandelism instead if rising equal to the task. Mgxitama is a living turd, he sides with thieves, has huge disregard for the law, he doesn't feel the pain of vulnerable and downtrodden, he wants personal gain on issues that are make or break, he must go and beside Gupta golden boy, and his gangster father. Our plight will be guided by the most high. ANC has lost its shine, it pocketed a VBS heists, Arms deal, Gupta looting, it has become a shadow of itself, it will be more street when dealing with blacks, they are Mr know it all, and achieve nothing meaningful, I guess their next manifesto, they will promise voters, Beer and Beautiful women , as the list of promises for the better life dries up, Mgxitama is a hypocrite of note, and a brainless loudmouth

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