”Lead Us In Humility Or Else” To me, politics is truly a game as many often say. But I still beli…

2 years ago

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”Lead Us In Humility Or Else”

To me, politics is truly a game as many often say. But I still believe it’s a game whereby the actions of an individual or a group of persons can directly affect the state of an entire team or nation. if one is very strict but with no strategy then it’s misleading. We can not overcome a dictator by speech only. A good strategy or a full dedication to God on our knees is the only weapon that can help in this struggle.

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The more potential fighters are being arrested, the weaker the foundation of the oppressed becomes. Honestly Moses and Aaron had no speech, file or documents to present to Pharaoh to free God’s people who intended to embark on the great exodus from Egypt across the red sea to Canaan. They had ONE focus and that was God!!! Where is our focus in this struggle when anyone can just say anything anytime and expect victory even though without a good strategy?

I am not a Politician, and may never be one, but that doesn’t mean we all run under one and the same canopy simply because we hear or see echoes of rainfall everywhere. It is needless to try drying your feet from cold but when your manhood is frozen and can not be exposed to heat. In my previous mail I was encouraging the Consortium to seek God’s guidance and lead the people in humility and wisdom. The struggle of Southern Cameroon to break free from this end time manipulation of LRC is not just a right of the anglophone people, but rather a vision to redeem humanity in a state of violation and injustice in Cameroon.

That is why the struggle should be godly and timely!!! Many are anxious to see a new regime, some are anxious to see a 10 state federation, others are anxious to take over SONARA. My desire is to see people understanding the role of God in this whole revolution. Satan can still grant you success, but it doesn’t last longer. We need success that a lifetime generation will live to remember, and that is why the representatives must be guided through this vision for change in Cameroon.

The Struggle Continues!!!

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The Struggle Continues

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