3 thoughts on “Life and Death at the Border: The Migrant Perspective in Morocco.”

  1. you can hate me all you like i have tried to help these people most are milking the system not all they take take take and call us stupid for not using it ourselves nuke em glutonous cunts most fuck it up for real people in need regardless of colour or creed 80.p.c are using our system im not helping no more i will pick whome i will try to help. "show the truth" you pass the collection around and i will steal it and give it to the deserved this makes me mad wake up trendy lefties pretend anarchists get real…

  2. You start this video attacking the "ubiquitous" one percent, then show a clip of a news reader blaming the "crisis" on Wall Street for the tanking markets around the world. FYI, there was no crisis on Wall Street in 2017. The story in the background of the newsreader is from the WSJ dated 9-16-2008. So, it doesn't matter, now, what's going on in Morocco because you have proven you can't be trusted to tell the truth.

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