Limbe:How Francophone schools and businesses were forced to respect the Ghost town.

2 years ago

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How Francophone schools were closed in Limbe and business shops that failed to obey the ghost town of Monday 16/01/2017.
The Consortium however ask youths not be involved in any forms of violence and call for youths to sit home.
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The Struggle Continues

One thought on “Limbe:How Francophone schools and businesses were forced to respect the Ghost town.”

  1. The level of disrespect and provocation from the francophones in our terriory and our struggle is disturbing. That will teach them. When they say no schools in West Cameroon, they mean NO SCHOOLS for ALL. Even to them. NONSENSE!
    They're parents are only there because they are sucking our oil to Douala and they still want to come and disrespect our rules when our own kids are not it school. They got exactly what they deserved and this is how it will remain until we get our independence.
    If they want to learn, they can leave west cameroon and go back to La Republique and learn where they're happy and not striking. We are not going to school now in OUR territory.

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