16 thoughts on “Listen to what Ebenezer Akwanga has to say in this video”

  1. Go home and stay quiet.From the time you call Sisiko the president johnny just come. I know you are power hungry. He was great. Mark just launch a book, he came yesterday in the revolution, you have been there 30 years. Now you came to collect money. Shame.

  2. Akwanga, you are a certified moron. Before you declared independence, you were warned that this will happen. What we have in anglophone Cameroon is uncontrolled militias, criminal gangs, greedy and corrupt leaders, confusion and so on. Ambazonia is a complete disaster which will not end for many years to come even if you stop the independence fight. The damage is already done. Anglophone Cameroon has been completely messed up by some unrealistic, stupid independence dream. Dream on, idiots!!!!!!!!!!

  3. An uncontrollable dragon has been released and nobody is able to control it. See the suffering Sierra Leone and Liberia went through, they still have not recovered. Go back to the drawing board before you create a humanitarian disaster. My friends be sure people are going to be held responsible, Congolese, Rwandans and Liberians are being arrested in foreign nations for atrocities they aided and abetted. Think again, there has been an anglophone civil war going on for some time and nobody has the power to address it.

  4. You are the most stupid man on earth why can't you join the county by county idiot you will continue to fail if you and Ayaba , SAKO and the other don't come together and reason as one foolish old fool

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