10 thoughts on “Listen to what Neba has to say, Ambazonians must stand for the truth”

  1. Perfect. U speak like a true son of ambazonia. There is this imbecile with is polluted and distorted English called Eric Tataw, I m still confused whether he works for the Cameroon government or not. He speaks publicly against everybody not knowing that the international community is watching. Most of the things he talks about are done by LRP boys to set confusion, but he just come on social media an runs his large mouth. Somebody shld advice him, that all what he is saying is not helping the revolution.

  2. All I know Dr Cho is steadfast in this struggle. I am upset with all our leaders including Dr cho for keeping a blind eye on in fighting. Leading to our children to being slaughtered. I assume the infighting let one upset Ambazonian to tip LR soldiers to kill general ivo.
    We cannot continue on this disunity path.Each leader has their role and they are all important. They need to work with each other and disagree respectfully. We all have a common goal to get to Buea, regardless of our differences . I know no leader is doing this for the pay, but for love of mother land. So as a result., if unity is not practiced amongst us then we are leading towards an impending doom.

  3. You bitch ass murtherfucker stop brain washing people you are and agent of Cho Ayaba and your time is over me in particular if i see one of your camps i will show the army .the blood of innocent people will always follow you guys this madness of ambazonia must stop idiots .

  4. Please Please!! stop that nonsense supporting Ayaba Cho stupidly. He is not the only Amba Leader who is bend and serious for independence. Ayaba and his group are distrusted even Akwanga's group kidnapping of Priest and collecting ransom are out of the struggle. Please don't forget Sisiku Ayuk already told them he is not LRC but Ambazonia. We shall fight till the last man standing. Independence is now or never. Long live Ambazonia short live the struggle.

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