Liv and Maddie | Let the Cloning Begin! | Behind The Scenes Look

4 years ago

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The Struggle Continues

44 thoughts on “Liv and Maddie | Let the Cloning Begin! | Behind The Scenes Look”

  1. this suck why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like if u agree guys u don't have to comment if u don't want too i'm just like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy right now i mean my brain is messed up bruhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate then they look the same too me when i was watching this on netflix i was like hold up they look the same and i looked this up then BAAAAAAAAM i finally know now but u see i was right the first time now like and comment if my text to long anyway's bye i have too go today my birthday so see'ya guys later my hands hurt now omg bye love u tho liv and maddie lol
    have a nice day
    horrible but none horrible movies
    see;ya guys later omg this hurting my hand it hurt real bad ok bye yall they have bumps on my hand now so bye liv and maddie hope i see u next episode this was a long text im tierd its passed my bed time 11:43pm bye guys bye liv and maddie

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