Made In Cameroon Music Festival 2018 in MD, USA – Part 1

10 months ago

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Watch how top Cameroonian artists like Minks, Magasco, Stanley Enow, Mr.Leo and many others electrified the crowd with their amazing performance at the Made In Cameroon Music Festival on July 28, 2018. The HotJem was the only African Blog that Video taped the entire main acts! SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel for more.

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The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Made In Cameroon Music Festival 2018 in MD, USA – Part 1”

  1. Stanley Chante bien mais je pense kon devait mettre minks en dernier car il a bien enflammé la a Mit le public factors. Bravo aux autres artistes. Mais stanley naurait pas dû passer en dernier il a presk aussi a endormir l public. Heureusemt kil yavait heinn pere pour les reveiller heinn

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