7 thoughts on “Mamfe Mayor calling for dialogue and peace in Ambazonia”

  1. you should not beg for dialogue and peace. You start a new country yourself. It starts as an independent country. It is the national territory of a certain region and the people who participate in a new country. Anyone who opposes this start must be deported, and whoever insists that he is not deported must be killed. Defend any military or police force by bordering certain areas. All administration should be carried out under the protection of the new country. This is how the new country begins. You are not allowed to start a new country. You can declare yourself an independent country and declare your country, people and sovereignty.

  2. You elect your own representatives, you create your own national symbols, you design your administrative organization, and you establish your sovereign state as an independent country based on the region you control.

  3. Talk to someone, and you don't have to ask anyone to end the war. If there is a group that breaks into your territory by force, you must fight and kill them. Do this to protect your country and land.

  4. He is shortsighted. Yes those in the diaspora go back to work after protest. The money they earn they share with their loved ones at home to pay their fees and build houses. +$100.000.000 are transferred to Ambazonia every year. That exceeds what Yaoundé invests.

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