3 thoughts on “MARK BARETA-AMBAZONIA SECURITY ALERT-Every Ambazonia[SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS] should watch this”

  1. Please be safe. No one is the friend of Ambazonians. I am in Yaoundé, and I get my info from various sources. Please share this message if you can:
    1. The US Emassy through its ambassador is providing a cable EVERY Monday morning to the Prime Minister of LRC. The ambassador Himself, Mr Peter Henry; So you guys have TO KNOW; Even the US is with LRC;
    2. France will never accept easily to surrender the South West to Ambazonians; that's even precisely WHY they appointed BIYA over AHIDJO;
    3. As a consequence, Network operator like Orange (France Telecom) is working HAND IN HAND DAILY with the LRC's Etat Major; Please, avoid Orange SIM CARDS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE;
    4. Use the TELEGRAM mobile application for ANY serious discussion. It's the ONLY app that the US has no control over.
    Please share this if you can, I don't have a Facebook account anymore.
    Be safe,

  2. I support your idea of protecting our generals and keeping them secret but you need to keep in mind that Ayaba cho caused the death of general ivo either directly or indirectly and you know that very well and so please stop projecting the image of the ADF evil group

  3. Njoh contribution money is doing its work…contri man, chop ya thing. Dem di keep meat for dogs their mop?
    Lukut daso meik jaws dem no cover ya eyes…

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