Mark Bareta- Biya and political manipulations & Cosmetic solutions to avoid negotiations.

6 months ago

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Biya doing selective release of Anglophones from La Rep dungeons is a window dressing. They want to deceive International community on the terms given them, now they want to use it and claim disarmament of Yengo is at work.
Release all, demilitarize the regions, respect human rights, respect rights of those on exile, compensate, apologize grant freedom to Ambazonians and we start talking …

Cosmetic solutions to avoid negotiations. Coming too little too late. Cameroun and its octogenarian leader don’t seem to get it. Africa will be getting a 54th nation. That is Ambazonia. Ambazonians aren’t move by all those decrees.
Koki never yet tight for Biya he mop, yi must finish sham..He be di think say this never again generation na that old sardine choppers dem weh he don di feed dem for years….Make he try he games fine fine.Shit hole Sardine distributor President…
Soon Biya will sign decree telling LRC when they will get up from bed and they will welcome it as usual with open hands.


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The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Mark Bareta- Biya and political manipulations & Cosmetic solutions to avoid negotiations.”

  1. The project to cook up witnesses among victims of Bamenda main market arson fell flat. The poor market women did not even know Julius Ayuk Tabe or any of those Nera Hotel abductees.

  2. Desperated lunatic why are that nervous? If it doesn't means anything stay calm. It is good to give a second chance to every body. There will not be any jail time for whoever go back to fight. The next word will be neutralize.

  3. Release ALL arrested since 2015, without preconditions, declare end of declared war, withdraw all your military forces to west of the Mongo. Then we will arrange terms of separation and REPARATIONS in a safe neutral country

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