10 thoughts on “MARK BARETA THE DEVIL IS TOO SMALL TO DIVIDE Ambazonia & the Struggle”

  1. Please Mark there's something you all are yet to understand. LRC and facebook contract are working hard to dismantle the Ambazonians now as strategy for their elections to hold in Ambazonia. Even the Dr Ayaba Cho London issue are also the LRC facebook game plan to destabilize Ambazonia.

  2. Thank you comrade Mark.You are the real activist that we have been looking for in this revolution.Since day one you have been there for us and we will continue to be with you and to listen to you.God bless you, long live Ambazonia and short live the struggle.Stay Amba strong.

  3. Don't deceive yourself. South west and North west are openly divided. Small exercise: why did you choose the so called president of IG somebody from south west? Just that ye wanted to flatter them. But they had realized the cheating.

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