4 thoughts on “MARK BARETA-The Revolution and you: Making The Case For #NationalAKCampaignSAA.”

  1. Mark bareta you are the biggest hypocrite in this revolution. You have deliberately refused to admit the atrocities of Ayaba cho. You protect your name better than the lives of Ambazonians. Please you know very well that the only reason why we are still behind is the greediness of Ayaba cho and his evil gang

  2. How many time have we tried to bring these people together and Ayaba cho bounce off with an evil agenda, please stop this useless strategy because it will not work when Ayaba cho and akwanga are not fore runners. Ayaba is LRC and ur agenda is death on arrival you hypocrite

  3. Your biggest courage ha for use the word weapon? Buy your gun go fight. You want send AK make who fight ? Fear man! Make AK hala for ur corner one time, you piss for ur skin

  4. Mark Bareta is a shame to hear you trying to set up Dr Sako to be killed by those two killers and kidnappers so called 32yrs experience warlots. While must the 3 of them come together b4 raising money for AKs? Didn't you just say Ayaba Cho the murderer and Akwanga the kidnapper/warlot have better experience and strategy in warfare and how to get AKs than Dr Sako ? So please just go ahead a join the 2 of them plus you and raise the money from Ambazonians, and leave Dr Sako alone. Just when we're about to figure out what part these 2 money and power mongering idiots played in betraying our president Sisseko, you're here calling for our AIP to go join them so that they can poison him and get him out their way right? Your plan is dead on arrival bcuz, Dr Sako and the people of Ambazonia don't even remember some people exist in the person of those 2 traitors. You're beginning to loose the people's trust ,for you are so hypocritical. One foot in ,one foot out na you mark Bareta. We're watching and sooner or later God will expose you as he did Ayaba and his gang internationally.

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