1. Mark, you are doing the worst evil when u pretend not to comment on the things that the righteous in of this crises are disturbed about. Ur nativity is already making u look like an imbecile. If yourself isn't disturbed by the evil the so called ayaba cho is perpetuating in this crises, then mark I want to think yourself is very evil. If a good man doesn't address the bad things, it means he is either naive or hypocritical. Stop calling LA republic's name mark. That LA republic to me is more sympathetic than you, for they will not see others killing and capturing like cho without saying and doing something about it. President Paul biya is more sympathetic than some of you mark. Under the pretext of your up bringing, you have decided to be talking and behaving like an imbecile. Are the people you claim that military has killed deferent from those ayaba cho has killed in your same southern Cameroon? He kills and captures yet it doesn't bother ur naive mind. The Arny may kill under the guise of defending their territorial space, when your ayaba kills his own he pretends to be fighting for, what does he defends. If this is what you call freedom fighting mark, I will 100% prefer to stay with biya than than anything we are fighting for. You keep saying you don't want to instigate inward fighting by talking about the atrocities of cho. But that's just what you are doing, by not talking, you are just promoting ego and more fighting. The only thing that can humble the devil ayaba is open criticism, not your silent ness of compromise born out of nativity. Look mark to be honest with you, if a fellow like you become a president, biya's government will be 100% better than yours. I have lost the appetite or interest listening to you since I discovered that you thinking needs healing. You guys are are knowingly or unknowingly trading with the boods of the innocent here back home. Mark right here back home, I face more battles than that your noise making over there, I live in the mids of bold having bullets flying over my heads on daily bases, Taking care of many victims of the crises. Few days ago I risk my life going to bail from the gendarmerie those who were caught in acts the called act of terrorism. No man child could ever go there because they were afraid of been implicated, I took the risk moving in and out with my vehicle, passing amongst bullets firing and the were released, but those who died, I couldn't raised them back to live. In my interaction with the military officials, I found out that most of them are more sympathetic than some of you mark. If you are not ready for what you are doing, just stop it.

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