Mark Knopfler – Romeo and Juliet (Radio 2 Piano Room)

2 years ago

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Playing his Dire Straits classic, Mark Knopfler brings Romeo and Juliet to Ken Bruce’s show in the Radio 2 Piano Room.


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48 thoughts on “Mark Knopfler – Romeo and Juliet (Radio 2 Piano Room)”

  1. I can remember the first time I ever heard this song – on my SONY Walkman with headphones – on a bus from Tokyo to the Airport in 1981. Had just bought the Walkman on the Ginza – and got Making Movies and Eagles Greatest hits as my two new cassettes to get me back to the US. I had never heard music this clear before – and the finger snap made me laugh – as I felt like I was in the studio. I loved the song before it was over – and I've never stopped loving it.

  2. One of the greatest love songs ever. And now, thirty-something years later it sounds even more truly. I think I will sing this song by the piano for my teenage children when I’ll be older than now 🙂

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