2 thoughts on “Matsanga Africa Perspective: IS OIL A CURSE IN AFRICA? (CAMEROON, SOUTH SUDAN, UG, NIGERIA)”

    Dr. Matsanga you are hitting the nail by the head.Its a pity that British,French and all Developed countries see THE AFRICAN CONTINENT AS SOURCE OF RAW MATERIAL ONLY NOT AFRICAN CITIZENS AS HUMAN BEINGS.
    I was born in oil village in Biafra land yet we have nothing,NO good roads,schools,housing,employment,water supplies.etc,etc.There was no independence in any African country.Up to date the British did not leave Nigeria and desire all Biafrans be killed than live so crude will flow undisturbed .Same as the French desire all Abasonian to die than to live so crude oil continues to flow .We don't deserve oil refinery to creat employment for our people need They will take our oil outside the country,Refine the oil then bring it back to sell to us.
    In Nigeria the British came gave guns to the Fulanis to kill anyone who ask for fairness or the equity.
    Internal conflict all over Africa COUNTRIES encouraged because the more divided African are the easier it is for French and British for example to loot any amount of oil without question.
    All African leaders are compromised with money.They stand and look while our prophets are slaughtered often.African leaders are like Dogs that cannot BARK anymore.The colonial era did not end in Africa rather the Colonial masters chose overseas,equip them with sofisticated weaponry then ordered them to kill any Indigen who challenges their exploits in another people's land.Its a pity that the OAU and ECOWAS are just figure heads

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