One thought on “Matsanga’s Africa Perspective: Exclusive Interview with AG. Southern Cameroons Pres. Dr. Ikome Sako”

  1. This f*cking bastard joker is no president (let alone leader). If he loved the people he pretends to lead he (and his political jokers) would've done everything in their power to stop secession attempts immediately. While he chills in the United States talking big and feeling important, actual human beings are on the ground suffering the consequences with their lives.

    He is sacrificing little children all to appear on mom & pop shows such as this one to proclaim himself president. What a damn buffoon.

    If he had any understanding of leadership and the stakes, he and his group of amateur leaders would've never gone on their secession spree. If they had any intelligence they would've never attempted to go on a secession the resources they don't have to see through. Now, he's sitting around like a fucking idiot after having sacrificed children's lives for his self-indulgent political wet dream.

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