25 thoughts on “Maurice Kamto talks about his plans with Regards to the Anglophone Crisis”

  1. Did I just hear him say..Anglophone will never win the war…let me tell you one thing Mr Kampto; when God says YES who are you to say no? God is in control..it's a matter of time..

  2. Then Mr Kamto be ready that the war wouldn't end. You aren't different from Biya, you stand as evil as you are to defend Biya's genocidal agenda in Southern Cameroon but wait until we prove to you that we aren't your hungry francophones who just give up because of hunger. Let us see how this struggle unfolds. Allah watch us all

  3. Our independence is not negotiable and in addition, being lousy that we will not win the war makes me think you must be among those bamilikes who contributed millions to Biya to kill us, (after everything all the support we provided you during maquis war) right!!! In any case, whether you win or Biya, it has nothing to do with us because we are not losing focus nor having second thoughts turning back from our path for independence. You look and sound even worse than the biya! Stay with your filthy ideas, sir !!!

  4. Prof. Kamto,
    If you accept that an inclusive dialogue is the way forward, then you should be humble enough to consider the options that will come up. I heard you say cessation is not an option. If that's what you are thinking dear professor, then I regret to say that you have failed even before starting. You see anglophones as students to whom you have to lecture the notion of "Vivre Ensemble." Ironically, you gave it a wrong name by calling it a dialogue. What you want to do is not dialogue, It is called lecture. A professor of your caliber, should know these things better. If I were you, I would show proof good leadership by listening more to the people's opinions, and allowing the committee to decide. Your exemplary behaviour will make the people of Southern Cameroons to see reason to stay back and work with you. But as you are categorical about one Cameroon, we see nothing but a dictator worse dictator. It is clear that you will enforce the military strategy if given the chance. What is your understanding of the word DEMOCRACY?

  5. prof as u are said when Amazonian join ur regime will u stop treating as cows,and all that they have killed will pple bring them back, so never u mentioned that are struggle will not be a successful one,therefore u are thesame like biya we are already there prof

  6. Francophone people said: la vie c'est le dialogue. No matter who Mr. Kamto truly is, I thing the idea of a dialog isn't a bad one. And this francophone journalist don't wanna let the Anglephone talk. My country people, je suis Cameroonian. War doesn't solve anything, key of a perfect relationship is the dialog. First of all, let put our strength together and kick out the true enemy: Biya Paul

  7. If we just have to separate regardless of whether the is a proposed solution or not, I guess we just have to wait for the separation of NW ans SW when a problem arises. I'm surprised that with all the terrible things that this current government has shown us, some people still don't find this guy to be refreshing.

  8. Fake president Kamto u r saying all these bcoz u the francophones r living peacefully now n no member of ur family has been hurt but not to worry u'll fill the pains we the Ambazonians r feeling very soon!!!! We have never been one n will never live as one…Take note 1 Ambalander is equivalent to 8 francofools put together… Watchout n see what unfolds in some few days

  9. Mr Kampto, good for you if they pronounce you president but know this for sure that you are not president of southern cameroons. Go rule the franco fools, bring our sisiku to us and let us build our own country. We have been married for way to long living in abuse. fou moi le quand

  10. After every war, there is negotiations not dialogue. Negotiations on either remaining in the fake Union or quitting the fake Union. It will be in this wise ; If we are to remain, what are the terms and if we are leaving, what are the terms. I want to assure you that you are wrong in Capital letters to say we cannot win. If you really want to know who Southern Cameroonians are, keep messing up with them and you will watch us go before your very eyes.

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