May Day marches in Athens, Madrid and Moscow

4 years ago

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May Day protesters in Athens have been joined by the Greek Finance Minister in a show of defiance against international creditors as negotiations continued to end the stalemate over the bailout.

The Prime Minister was confident a deal would be reached over the weekend to unlock funding from a 7.2bn euros bailout package.

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==May Day rallies in Athens ( and in İstanbul (— Dimo Yagcioglu (@Di…

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The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “May Day marches in Athens, Madrid and Moscow”

  1. It is worth bearing in mind that the Greek communist party is not part of Syriza.
     There may be some common ground.. however Syriza is an alliance of the new democratic left and greens who reject Stalinism.. and have done so since the 30s.

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