MEET sister Calech Ambazonian head of Health and Social Service NIGERIA A GREAT JOB FOR REFUGEES

10 months ago

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A must WATCH and share!. Positive gesture below
Not all of you here will know sister Caleche Bongo, if you care to know who really she is, then, she is an awesome queen, hard working lady and a very consistent comrade in this our struggle. She has kept her position in this struggle with outstanding records. Since she was appointed from day1 as Ambazonian head of Health and Social Service (HSS), by pa Tassang, that’s about a year ago, she has been doing a very good job, very consistent in her responsibilities with constant suppor to our refugees in Nigeria, those in the hospitals on GZ and to our detainees in LRC.
She’s that one person who will never speak evil about our IG, she understand our IG more than all the activist in this struggle. With the support from the IG and other well wishers, she has been able to fund all these projects. In box her if you wish to support any of the above projects.
Pls, tell her to be strong, and if you can, richly thank her for being honest in this our ordained struggle.
An unknown group in the struggle tried to appoint her to work for them but she turned down their offer on a good NOTE!.


The Struggle Continues

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