41 thoughts on “Mere yards separated planes in near miss”

  1. I would read the NTSB report before making sweeping statements and using terms like "near collision". Thank You for making people think flying is more dangerous than it really is. Isnt it a little bit suspicious that the news report doesn't have any verifiable information? I mean, where are the aircraft tail numbers?

  2. there are some jobs that mistakes can NEVER be made the airport control tower staffs are the aircraft pilots. my suggestion are:- 1) have 2 air traffic people ( one doing and one to confirming) like submarine 2) enough rest and working shorter hours 3) limits certain flights to day or night 4) have smaller and private planes to certain airports away from the main busy one 5) regular maybe twice a year retraining or updated courses for these pilots and air traffic people

  3. “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, I do apologize on behalf of United for the near miss, also I would like to ask if anyone has a pair of clean underwear and pants please slide them under the cockpit door, because I may have soiled myself.”

  4. Close calls like this one is Air traffic control error, they were just following orders. Pilots don't make these calls at all including the near miss. If however they are SO focused on saving money they can easily not do all the required checks to make sure the air is clear since they rely heavily on software calculations, so if the ppl aren't trained well enough they can miss things. This is why BETTER companies don't always pick the cheapest route but the SAFEST route! The crazy part is that this is actually happening ALL the time, they just have luck on their side since obviously it's RARE to be on the SAME heading and altitude at the same time.

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