16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2018 – Wuna keep ma own chop”

  1. This useless anglobamis scammer. please go and see the Ghost town in ambazonia. Idiot stupid man. If i could lay hands on you i will tear you.

    Listen to his bamileke voice. Amba boys are ruling ambazonia. Foolish man.

  2. Ma Kontri Pipo dem, merry X-mas…hope by next X-Mas we go fit shidong down for GZ chop some better burning fish witi millondo, then continue for educate wa pipol dem the more. Anglo prob must be solved, come rain come sun, but me I go join this fight na only on a political arena when Amba boys dem go dong gee chance. Na we di losis pas all man witi all this bou-rou bou-rou…

  3. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, Thanks a lot for the great job you have done so far. As a great warrior, you need to take a brake and refill. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and looking forward to having you back very soon.

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