7 thoughts on “Message from Hon.Wirba about the stuggle. watch and share.”

  1. Thk you sir for this presentation coz it was just very straight forward to the point. Let those with ears hear my brother. Life is only interesting when others are happy and when we move together. We can't suffer for 56 yrs with a dictator and move to another dictators. No one prepared for a war and leaders are doing their best to learn daily in this revolution with their lives exposed to death while making some mistakes. We need to support, point out errors within not on social media and come together. Chaiiii you re a leader by these words. Pple can not keep critizing and even when Sisiko was in position, it was same thing until a sellout sold them to lrp. They re just distractors for their personal interest. So anyone who is not with us should be forced out of us before another Nera happens again. God is exposing them gradually. It's not how long anyone has been into but coming together and dishing what you have.

  2. Hon Wirba is a force to reckon with but this book launch thing is all about making money. If it’s sold to help refugees then that’s fine. Otherwise l’m a sceptic. I just hope wolves don’t jump in to make money for themselves. Courage sir!

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