20 thoughts on “Mexico Refuse To Give Asylum To Caravan Migrants”

  1. Be prepared for mass slaughter if the border isn't shut down, because if they think they are going to bombard American troops like they tried to overrun the Mexicans authorities they are sadly mistaken. I don't know what these people are thinking Trump is not letting all these people in. There is no where for them to be placed, the shelters and detention centers are already over crowded now. The leaders of these caravans need to be held responsible for everything that goes down if people are hurt or killed which they will be.

  2. Image this: A caravan comprised exclusively of dark-skinned Haitians taking the exact same route as the Latinos' caravan. (Ponder the response of Mexico & USA)

  3. Mexico knows the US will take them so why take them when the elite want them here working cheap and mixing with pink skankoids to create more biracial people with no distinct culture and hence are easy to control?

    Here's the elite plan:

    1) Get rid of pink skins because they won't relinquish their guns
    2) Get rid of Afrakan people because their pineal glands are awakening
    3) Replace Afrakans with Latinos
    4) Replace pink skins with light-skinned Hispanics, Asians and Indians

    It's well underway. They want people here who can accept lower standards of living and less money in their paychecks because they are not so materialistic as most Amerikkkans.

  4. I'm just sitting back and watching what the American government is going to do, had these been Blacks; this government along with Mexican government would have stopped or keep killed them in their tracks.

  5. Food stamps and Section 8 have been cut. People cheered. Not saying they will come to get in on those programs, but those have been cut for American Citizens. Illegals have been deported even though they all aren't processed out yet, so technically they are still here. These caravanees travel enmass. Now they can travel back the same way and effect a change. They coming but won't necessarily get in. If social program cuts are meant to get us on track financially, we can't do that and take care of new people even if they get a program for a small (3 months) amount of time.

  6. Call the White House tell Trump to turn this People around, it to let them in. They will start committing crimes no money. Robbing Raping, maybe Murder. They can't speak English. Burden on the Tax Payers and on the System.

  7. The comments are so ignorant to me, don't you think if they had the weapons and the power they would be able to get on code. I just don't agree, we have seen in news when other ppl come from different places for help. Why we ack arrogant. Where would you go if this was happening to us, no where, because we are still get killed like hunting season. Stop being so arrogant.

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