Mimi Chan interviews Greg Rucka on comics, politics, and social media

1 year ago

As many of you know, I love comic books. One of my favorites is Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. I met Greg at San Diego Comic Con. You can imagine my excitement when Greg invited me to interview him in Portland at his home. I met his lovely wife Jen, and his dog Marlowe, who makes a few cameos in this interview on my youtube channel.

Beyond his incredible ability to tell stories with fascinating characters, Greg is extraordinarily kind. I was so moved that he took time out of his very busy schedule to sit down and talk with me for 2 hours!

We talk about politics, character development, the impacts of social media on society, and about Greg’s background. He is a writer who portrays women as empowered and human.

This was recorded on the weekend of Rose City Comic Con in September. We cover a wide variety of topics and as it is 2 hours long, tried our best to give you show notes. Feel free to skip to a topic that you find interesting.
Show Notes [hh:mm:ss]

00:03:19 Greg discusses work and current events
00:07:34 Politics
00:14:25 Greg on Social Media
00:18:00 Early forms of Social Media – Message Boards
00:24:14 How Greg chooses readers’ “letters to the editors”
00:28:12 Collaboration with Michael Lark
00:29:28 Background on Greg
00:33:18 Working on Lazarus: “Jonas Story” and “Forever” arcs
00:39:07 We are the sum of our experiences
00:43:10 Empathy, Education
00:50:04 How Greg develop characters
01:05:00 On writing prose
01:11:00 Favorite writers
01:15:00 New projects
01:20:20 Lazarus’ first issue
01:27:11 Recommended book rereads
01:36:09 Fight choreography
01:43:21 A little more about Greg and his love for Jazz
01:47:23 Going back to work/writing
01:48:35 What does Greg enjoy?
01:49:28 Role Playing Games

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