MIMI EQUINOX ON BBC-Authorities in Cameroon should halt their intimidation of journalist Mimi Mefo

11 months ago

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Authorities in Cameroon should halt their intimidation of journalist Mimi Mefo and ensure that she can work safely without fear of reprisal, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.
On October 31, Mefo, the head of English news and a presenter for the privately owned Equinoxe television and radio station, was summoned to appear before the national gendarmerie in Douala, the capital of Cameroon’s Littoral region, as part of a false news and cybercrime investigation, according to Mefo, her lawyer Tamfu Richard, and a summons document seen by CPJ. Mefo, who also runs Mimi Mefo Info, her own news website, and actively reports on social media about political unrest in Cameroon’s western Anglophone regions, is scheduled to appear at the gendarmerie office in Douala on November 5 at 2 p.m., according to Mefo and a scheduling document seen by CPJ.


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37 thoughts on “MIMI EQUINOX ON BBC-Authorities in Cameroon should halt their intimidation of journalist Mimi Mefo”

  1. Mimi Mefo i am really proud of your work and efforts. More courage and God blessings. People like you are the voices of millions of voiceless cameroonians.

  2. Please if you feel threaten and at risk, flee cameroon my dear. Your life is more important to us than fighting those blood suckers in cameroon who have no mercy on human life.

  3. Mimi you are carry on with the wonderful jounalistic job. You are a true uncurruped journalist. Dictator Biya and his gang will not succeed in terrorising us.

  4. As u are the voice of the voiceless, so the Almighty is ur Strength and Shield. Be strong and just see victory in Him. And by the power in the authority of His Name, all your pit diggers will fall in it themselves.

  5. What is happening with this devilish gangster regime. Oooòh my gosh!!! This is just another way to exile this humble lady who have passion for her profession.chaii Cameroon is a jungle. Please,mimi park and leave that jungle ok. There are best opportunities out here just for ur kind ok.leavvvvvvvvvve please.

  6. Cameroon LRC government don't want people to speak the truth Mini don't worry God is by your side all those blood socker will perish in hell fire is waiting for them.

  7. No body is gonna do anything to you sister Mimi, and you are not gonna fear any terror by night nor any arrow that flies by day nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness nor of the destruction that lay wait at noon day, a thousand shall fall at your side ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come near you and with your eyes shall you see the wicked ones being rewarded for their wicked deeds because you are protected under the shadow of the Almight. We love you, we need you, stay strong.

  8. Please Mimi Mefo it's not a surprise to some of us who know how the regime of Paul Biya of Cameroon operates. Any Journalist who tells stories exactly the way they happen are targeted by the regime, especially about the war declared in Ambazonia. Most of what happens in that country are not allowed to be reported. At one time a BBC reporter's camera was smashed at the front of the military Court by a military officer during the hearing of Mancho Bibixcy case in Yaounde Cameroon.

  9. There are always journalists including foreign ones in any country at war. But how many foreign journalists are there in Ambazonia covering the ongoing genocide? Probably very few or none. And why are they not in Ambazonia? 'Cause the genocidal regime of Cameroon doesn't want any witness of the atrocities they are committing in Ambazonia. So that demonic government is not comfortable with journalists telling the truth.

  10. Mimi we love you and your life is much more important to us and your family. Please if you feel threatened, leave that evil country like Eric Tataw, John mbah akoruh and many others. Cameroon is no different from north Korea.

  11. Mimi, you're a household name in the diaspora for your authenticity. You are an incredibly talented journalist and instead of being praised, that shit country is attempting to silence you. I must admit that I did not care much about Cameroon news on tv, untIl I accidentally came across one of your newscasts on Equinoxe about a year ago, and got captivated by your eloquence and authenticity. Since then, I set my phone at 3:00 pm to watch your 6:00 pm newcast on youtube while in the gym everyday at work. You are a pride to millions of us out-here in the,diaspora and, as some have already expressed, we care very much for you and your family's safety. Please start thinking about getting out of there – that country is professionally undeserving to have someone of your caliber. We will lose an authentic source of the stories about the ongoing war in Southern Cameroons but we would be glad to have you safe outside of that country.

  12. The bible says that many are the affliction of the righteous, but our good Lord shall deliver them from the wicked hands. Mimi stand still and see the salvation of the Lord come to past in your life amen.

  13. I hope the entire world is watching and seeing how the banana republic of LA republic du cameroun is persecuting journalists just because they speak English in Cameroon.A journalist on vision 4 Openly said all Anglophones should be killed and he is being protected by the government because he speaks French and he supports the government for killing Anglophones.Antonio Guitterres should do his job by sanctioning biya and his regime and organising a referendum in southern Cameroon for the people to decide on their future and not just making speeches then turn around and collect golden statue from the very regime that is committing war crimes against humanity.God will see Mimi Mefo through and God bless southern Cameroon (Ambazonia).Short live biya and his regime.

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