4 thoughts on “MINCAM President’s Speech 2014”

  1. Congratulations to the leadership of MINCAM, The Project Committee and to everyone who worked behind the scene to realize this dream goal. At last MINCAM has a hall (Community Center)!

  2. "Qui ride bene,ride L'ultimo" He who laugh last,laugh best. It can only get better. Owning our own community center is worth celebrating.

    Great speech,great man,great visionary,great unifying figure. Really,"without fear of contradiction" as you rightly say,you have taken us miles and millions of steps ahead. You are a true leader. keep it up. We thank you for all what you have done for MINCAM. Thanks and God bless you and family

  3. Excellent! Mr President…..Forward ever! Nonetheless, We need to continue raising money so as to reduce our mortgage and pay off our debt in record time. That means those of us who have not completed our pledges should not relent. I (personally) take this seriously. Once again, thank you and May the Lord continue to protect, guide, strengthen, protect, and direct in all you do for our community.
    Thank you. Banin

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