Minister of Communication & Paul Biya Confirms The Attack in Otu & Send Condolence To The Victims

4 months ago

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The vehicle, who was part of a convoy of the National Defense and Security Forces, from the town of Mamfe, chief of the above-mentioned Department, was heading to the place called Otu · Border, not far away. ‘Eyumojock, located in the border area.’
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The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “Minister of Communication & Paul Biya Confirms The Attack in Otu & Send Condolence To The Victims”

  1. All these crazy head like Rene sadi, u guys are killing other people children in a names of senseless war that the group of lunatic declared. We are serious maybe la republic du cameroun think we are joking. La republic du cameroun must leave Ambazonia.

  2. Death on arrival massage. Those like you hired to kill did the job for the government. Dirty na James Jones stop spreading false stories. We will track you down.

  3. The terrorist soldiers of Cameroon were killed by the same terrorist regime of Cameroon to deceive the international community and ask for funds from them. International community don't let the mafia regime of Cameroon to scam you. Recall that a few weeks ago the same mafia and corrupt government of Cameroon set ablaze the oil refinery at Victoria in order to ask for finance from the international community to continue to finance its genocidal war against the Ambazonians. That government of unscrupulous people know how to manipulate things but the world is not stupid.

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