MKPD/KumKum Music Production has been born

5 months ago

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#MKPD – KumKum Record Company is born oh.. These amba Fools want to unmask MKPD, Not knowing that MKPD is a movement, NOT an individual.. We are EVERYWHERE, and ANYWHERE at the same time, doing Different things at the same time – That’s why they can NEVER defeat us.


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WhatsApp +237 6 7418 9836


The Struggle Continues

19 thoughts on “MKPD/KumKum Music Production has been born”

  1. What I admire about MKPD is the facts that he uses their own voices, videos sometimes directly for their own social media pages and play it here in the way they are judge by their own conscience. 😂😂😂😂

  2. …and the Grammy goes toooooo….Kumkum massa!!

    Acceptance speech:
    Thank you very much. Special to my song writers and singers Mark, Sako, Ivo & Nso. This wouldn't have been possible without your help.

  3. thank you mkpd> for saving lives and exposing these criminals. this indeed is comedy revolution and soon to be kanas-holding revolution 'no matter the number of biabia in the kanas'.

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