2 thoughts on “Modifications on lockdown Ambazonia”

  1. You are still talking of various organizations. Mr John mbah akoro if you are really an advocate for unity, be the first group to join the IG. Mr Man, you should stop congratulating the British southern cameroonians when they are still looking forward to bless and congratulate you and your followers on that blessed day you unit to IG. Note, you are preaching that Cameroon should be disunited and at the same time you don't advocate for unity in abazonia. I can see You want freedom but you don't want to free yourself for it. One love , one people and one nation isn't your portion. You can prove me wrong if only you take a giant step to unit with the IG. My brother, love your people and give into them and not for yourself. Hope you guys wouldn't abandon us in the high sea.

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