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Mola Njoh Litumbe Interview Part 1

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Interview granted by Mola Njoh Litumbe to Equinoxe TV (Douala, Cameroon) upon his return from the United States to sensitize the Cameroonian Diaspora about the Southern Cameroons cause


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  1. thats my unclleee!!!

  2. wariba a says:

    I hate listening to this story… White man dividing and sharing Africa like a cake!!!!!!!! that time has passed!!!

  3. You Are A Patriotic Citizen Of Southern Cameroons And I Am Proud Of You.

  4. Paul Ebai says:

    The false journist. Is a bamileke man
    From french cameroun. This citizens
    Of a foreign country cameroun who
    Escaped war in the home land during
    That country war of indelendence with
    The french in cameroun west. These
    Refugees who escaped death to s.cameroons. after haven saved their
    Lives. They turn against southern cameroons. Working to under mind our
    Independence. And setting up fake
    Pro cameroun party like OK one cameroun party. M O is to expropriate
    Southern cameroons lands for construction of hotels. Apartments and
    Water bottling schemes which are
    Visible in buea. Tiko and kumba. And
    Then pay their taxes not to s.cameroons but to their home country cameroun.
    Very criminal. Not gentle men a filthy
    Schreud business bamilekes.


  5. Paul Ebai says:

    Dont be stupid. You think this gentle
    Speaking doesnt know his history?
    You need to study your own history.
    French cameroon colonizing southern
    Cameroons sincec1961. And we have
    Alot of evidence all over african court
    Cases. Soo. Stop that stupid cameroun
    Govt propaganda. Of blame white man.
    Blame the dictator old man paul mbiyaa or what ever he call him to
    Leave our country s. Cameroons.

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