More Drama | West vs South | No Rotation | No Election | Pan African Parliament

1 week ago

With the situation still tense in the House, officials trying to restore calm.
A session of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) descended into chaos on Monday.

A delegation of MPs from the southern and northern regions called for the implementation of the rotational policy, which would see the next leader of the continental parliament coming from these regions.

The East Africa and Economic Community of West African States opposed this, saying it was not part of the rules and rejected legal advice which supported the implementation of the principle.

The outgoing PAP president Roger Dang is from Cameroon. There are allegations that he has been mobilising for a West African candidate to be elected.
“That is what we are defending, rotation and nothing else. The countries and regions that want to bully us have been doing that for years, and we are saying we have to put a stop to it and allow every region an opportunity to lead this continent,” said Majodina.

The leader of the SA delegation to PAP, Amos Masondo, chair of SA’s National Council of Provinces, shared Majodina’s sentiment, saying the African Parliament has, over the years, been guided by the work of the AU.

“One of the principles of the AU when it comes to electing leadership is the principle of rotation. That no one, or a few, regions will be allowed to have all the power to run the work of the Pan African Parliament, or have power that cannot be mitigated by the regions that are in place.

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The Struggle Continues

40 thoughts on “More Drama | West vs South | No Rotation | No Election | Pan African Parliament”

  1. Dissolve pan Africanism. An forget all the past. Am ashame of the so call pan African parliamentary members. Which schools are you all from or Educated

  2. Why would you want to concentrate power tp your self and not give other a chance to lead?It's simply,ypu lead last term,in following term give others a chance to lead to and step aside.Imagin if they fight about power in just an organisation what mess would it be in power strugle if this continant were to be one country,of witch I know it's just nonsense it will never happen and I don't support it happening.

  3. "We don't have a history of going to other countries uninvited and unwelcomed,so don't threaten us with none existing things.We only go where we are invited and with legal required documents."😂!Get them juju😂!
    I hate you for thinking you are an african leader,but in this one I like you.Maybe this will be time where you finally realise that you are south african before you are anything else.

  4. There will never be a United States of Africa. Tribalism, Ethnic Diversity, South Africa Members Disgraced Our Country. How can anyone tell another member , " I will kill you".

  5. West Africa is bulling Africa, They are in change of all AU structures. After 60 years, Kalusha Bwalya of Zambia is the only player from southern hemisphere to win the Africa football player of the tear. Why, because the Francophonie has more voting power and they want everything to go to the west. Rotation was be initiated every where, even in African Development Bank.

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