MoRISC TV – Franco-Cameroun Govt Armed Agents Looting & Stealing

2 months ago

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Franco-Cameroun Armed agents looting and stealing property of private citizens as one secretly films them in the act. The commentary in the video is in British Southern Cameroons Creole or “Pidgin English”. Citizens call it AMBA Creole.
NOTE: These are the agents that the govt of French Cameroun has sent out since 2016 to butcher, kill, kidnap, rape and now loot/steal and there are numerous cases of senior citizens burnt alive in their huts – viz up to 160 villages have been lit up and burnt in the past 18 months.
Who’s responsible? The French Cameroun govt and its agents.

The Restoration of the State of British Southern Cameroons | AMBAZONIA is a Task that MUST BE COMPLETED.


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The Struggle Continues

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