9 thoughts on “Mr Biya Losing the SOUTHERN CAMEROON & Burning Down Hospitals after ravaging 200 VILLAGES”

  1. The IG must note that if they do not deliver results that enhance the performsnce of GZ forces and to go to Buea.

    The IG uses blackmail to silence any criticism of its weaknesses and incompetencies. Any group that can take us to Buea, we shall follow. The IG is bankrupt because of poor management. Go ahead and make a meeting. The IG cannot be allowed to ruin our revolution.

    Please, those of you who have ideas to take us to Buea, should go ahead and organize meetings and create new groups that can deliver results.

    How can the IG collect so much money and not give any accountability for it. In order to cover up the embezzlement in the IG, Sako and Chris Anu say that the accountant is refusing to give accounts.

    In short, i had long predicted that the way things are going in the IG, a new group would be form to replace the IG. Sako and Co are incompetent. Let them go out, if not people would never donate again to the IG.

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