"Mr BOH Herbert Justify GZero Deaths"(History Does Not Have To Repeat)Go Volunteer On GZ To Die Too!

3 months ago

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America has gone up and America has come down…When something happens in America, that does not make it OK for it to happen in Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia…History does not have to repeat it self it can also be prevented…No easy to talk when it is not any of you talking the bullets on GZero…encouraging other people’s ignorant naive children to go fight thinking that they it makes them look like HEROS…Makes them look Very Stupid…Look at many Amba Youths Southern Cameroon has lost and they still too fall some more…that is the future of Southern Cameroon dying like Fowls/flies…Nonsense!!
Get up one and Provoke LRC with any training and proper preparations…Just imagine the kind of government you will have when total independence is HAD…See Beautiful Southern Cameroon turn into!! It years upon years to get it back to normal again…children had to witness inhumane crimes…How SAD!!


The Struggle Continues

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