"Mr Carlson On Ambazonia Lamentations" (Weak Minds Stop Struggle!) Since Strong Come GZ! Nonsense

3 months ago

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You all are also denying southern Cameroonians their FreeDom/liberty…If you all want to continue fighting LRC do so on your own time…Not forcing all southern cameroonians to keep suffering for years NOW! while you all go about collecting their money and flying around enjoying yourselves…Nonsense!
Sir any contributions and movement forward will be more effectively done from GZero not the Diaspora…Nonsense!
Stop Comparing yourselves to other countries…other countries did not call themselves and even if they did, they did not go free for doing it…
So you are the Big Head behind all the scamming of the Amba people…Now the Amba people know! they will soon come for you…Nonsense!


The Struggle Continues

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