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Mr Issa Tchiroma, I followed your Interview with the U.S Journalist which I heard a laughable thing …

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Mr Issa Tchiroma, I followed your Interview with the U.S Journalist which I heard a laughable thing by u calling the pple u sadly humiliated your BROTHERS and SISTERS, Really?

U are killing our parents’ children grandparents, u burnt down our villages wt no mercy with our innocent parents’ grandparents who are so innocent and knows nothing about the govmt not to talk of knowing what is happening in the country since they know they don’t count as citizen as long as your govmt is concern. They are completely blank with what is happening, yet u decided to end their poor lives in a brutal and miserable way, and u turned and throw more mockery by calling us, brothers and sisters? So u can really look in the face of our pple still managing working in your rogue govmt and call them brothers and sisters with all the atrocities u hv committed and still commuting in their towns and villages? Do u really think u are dealing with some MUGUS or FOOLS? This is TERRIBLE! My God, this man makes me sick!

Courtesy of… Joandis T Didiss || 2018-02-13 05:28:34

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  1. Mokuh Roman says:

    My sister all is well

  2. The devil is at times mercyful


  4. Francofools are full of hypocrisy .na today weh you know them?

  5. Wedder he like it or not it will never be well with him the military will deel with them after we have deel with the military. war must broke out over their zone.

  6. Elvis Njilah says:

    Mr Magida,we are not his brothers or sister, Tchuruma a devil.

  7. He’s more like a walking dead I don’t conceder him human

  8. That is how the devil used to cajole us with intension to kill

  9. Odette Agah says:

    He is de devil’s advocate

  10. Raph Kuma says:

    One thing is clear and even a blind and deaf person will agree with me that ,francophones especially those in this shit hole call lrc are very demonic.

  11. I also listened to one interview over BBC, where he “we are nasty, terrorists, secessionist and all the other bad names u can imagine,
    And now we are brothers??

  12. So u know God eh. If you call that name again u dis brainwashed poster fire go burn ur mouth

  13. God is listening he so call issa and his group will be exposed time is coming

  14. Hahaha living corpse issa very soon it will be time 4 reckoning. Asshole

  15. Che Bobo says:

    Slowly but steadily they’re getting more confused

  16. Ma soeur Tchiroma est un monstre comme son maitre

  17. it’s just the beginning you said you can fight and defend yourself about? Go now and defend your rascals who have died in Kembong in their numbers. Fake people. Facebook fighters.

  18. That’s an idiot! Buroro man.

  19. Hahaha, sorry .let him not spoil ur day

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