Mr Nanchop | Overcoming the core evil in the Ambazonia liberation Fight.

1 month ago

Overcoming the core evil in the Ambazonia liberation Fight.




The Struggle Continues

14 thoughts on “Mr Nanchop | Overcoming the core evil in the Ambazonia liberation Fight.”

  1. You don't have anything to say my brother. You could not even respond to simple questions. What message are you trying to drive home. Speak about sako and all their atrocities. No body listen to you guys again. Go and see how Eric's platform is being populated.

  2. But what sort of revolution is controlled by people who left Cameroon long before the so called revolution started and for different reasons while the foreign embassies in yaounde where they had their visas still have copies of their original passports and visas? …
    Even yaser Arafat or fidel Castro were not presidents at the pic of their revolutions and they were fighting on the ground…. which revolution has a president?
    Seriously When was the last time your so called leaders put feets in that part of the country they dream to rule ? Who makes a revolution from outside and call theirselves revolutionary?…. Where you ever see that before ? …. do you see how ridiculous its looks and sounds to a learned mind…. the reputation and credibility of the whole thing is gone ,maybe in the coming days , you will start agree with what am telling you .

  3. You keep on blaming each others and denounced them in social media, that is coursing harme in the revolution. You better create a meeting place where by all of you the diasporians can meet and points out Eros of each one then try to make corrections for yourselves and carry on the revolution in a good way.

  4. The forces on ground zero spoke on October 1st and they sent a strong message and that message is ringing a bell in the ears of Epom, ADF and enablers that is making them to crash. Crashing time is activated…

  5. Great message detective Nanchop about the 'silent maturity '. Epom and gangs are crashing under the bus… crashing time is in progress, picking papers is Next….

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