MTN Cameroon & La Republic du Cameroon vs Ambazonians.

2 years ago

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La Republic du Cameroon forces MTN to block internet and phone lines in Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) as it sends its brutish boko haram soldiers to rape and kill Ambazonians.
Chris on behalf of MTN explains in a phone conversation to an Ambazonian what MTN is facing in the hands of La Republic du
Cameroon. There are reports MTN Cameroon are corrupt and evil towards Southern Cameroonian business men and women. There are cases were they have not respected contracts with their partners and customers in Southern Cameroon.
What a shame? MTN South Africa should investigate their branch in Cameroon for corrupt practices.
Chris (spokes person) for MTN South Africa I am inclined to believe is a genuine African guy and who is simply doing his job.
More to be released about MTN Cameroon specifically at a future date and time to be choosed by the Indigenous people of Southern Cameroon…


The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “MTN Cameroon & La Republic du Cameroon vs Ambazonians.”

  1. We want a copy of that instructions. You will have register under with us to operate in Southern Cameroon. We are loosing money and we would investigate everything in the nearest future.

  2. MTN should finance the struggle if it want to do business with us in the future. we are going to match up with neighbouring country Nigeria. MTN should condon with us by sending money for the fight.

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