My brothers and sisters we getting lost in our small world and I wonder how and when we will return …

1 year ago

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My brothers and sisters we getting lost in our small world and I wonder how and when we will return back to reality. We are now in a virtual world run by us.

The truth is we back home are expecting for our brothers especially in the UK and the USA to deliver the promise but there is a problem. It is fast becoming a sect that you either say yes I am in or you are an outcast. How can we Anglophones be fighting each other? Most people saying independence do not really know what hazards are on the way hence singing the song, let us sacrifice all for the next generation.

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Who is really sacrificing in theory and in practice?
The very people the innocent at home who have graduated with no jobs living home at the age of 30yrs. the farmers and their families who have no say. The fact that others are still happy to take their monthly wages tell me, we don’t really understand what we are advocating for and if you really spell that out to the mass you will have massive retaliation.

Today some are talking as if independence is already assured and we just have to ride along. You are wrong there are millions sceptics but because of fear of the sect we are in, can not voice their worries. Should we be opening the doors for them?

We are here because we want to fight for a better outcome. If you question those we are expecting to guide us, you are a fool, stupid, traitor, spy etc. What difference is this to the very regime we are kicking against. The regime is autocratic and believe they know what we need and are doing it their way when question brutality kicks in. Is it not the same thing we are doing my brothers and sisters? If we can not put forward an evidence base argument why are we debating? How will you defend the agenda in Yaoundé where it matters

If you can not answer to your neighbors worries now how can you represent him/her if given power?

Listen my brothers the mass home needs jobs, living wage, good medical health, sanitation, urban planning to give use a 21 century feeling, infrastructure to sustain the much needed economy, 21 century democratic politics etc

I don’t care what ever you are advocating for so long as you can spell with some evidence how you are going to ease the pain of the mass by delivery without causing more misery and the time frame.

If you want to course more pain for how long?
The people are suffering and are dying in thousands daily.

Cameroon united front

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The Struggle Continues

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