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My name is Bih from Bafut. how do i look?

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My name is Bih from Bafut. how do i look?

Courtesy of… Bu Rice || 2018-03-13 08:18:02

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  1. Akikea Noel says:

    Hahaha bafut nogo kill man wit posteur

  2. Hahhaahahhaba no doubt na bafut,bafut oyeee

  3. No spoil bafut girls dem

  4. Haha nice Bibi them can I touch it

  5. Luc Ekoka says:


  6. Esoh Eshishi says:

    You look an aggressive chimpazine that is on heat

  7. Look like Bih and Cham them

  8. Comment still loading

  9. Sometimes I wonder if someone’s age determine his level of reasoning. Cuz I can’t believe someone of 31 years (if really u were born in 1987) will post such not regarding where u come from, it’s really pathetic.

  10. Na waaah hooooo Bih from bafut u instead resemble Na Nde from mankon

  11. Bih Muma says:

    Just like you who sent this post.

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