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Na You BY Daddikul

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VZONE MUSIC PRESENTS NA YOU Official video by INA DEPLACE directed by AO pictures, prod by Ina deplace


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  1. Eric Don says:

    good song and video concept.go go go Hommie!

  2. Wang Ngoye says:

    Nice one bro. So happy with with the great success u are making in your field. The sky is ur limit and wish u the best bro . Ahead ahead daddy Cool

  3. This is it…. so awesome Ina Deplace
    Keep up bros, thumbs up & twenty one gun salute

  4. You can see the love in her eyes.This is a great piece of art…Good job INA DE PLACE

  5. Yap Daddy you are on da track.

  6. Dave Duncan says:

    there is lots of potential in Bamenda! Just one word for this! Pure refined awesomeness!!🙌🏿

  7. wooow daddy's cool where are na

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