National Anthem of New Zealand – God Save the Queen (1856-Present)

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New Zealand is one of only two countries in the world—the other being Denmark—with two official national anthems of equal status.The traditional anthem “God Save the Queen” is generally used only on regaland viceregal occasions. “God Defend New Zealand” is more commonly used on occasions when the national identity of New Zealand is the focus, such as sports events, where it is sung with English and Māori verses. On a few occasions both anthems may be used.

“God Save the Queen” (alternatively known as “God Save the King” in the reign of a male monarch) was inherited from Britain when New Zealand became a colony. In 1860 it was translated into Māori by Edward Marsh Williams, son of missionary Henry Williams, who had as a youth helped his father translate the Treaty of Waitangi.It remained the country’s sole national anthem until 1977, but is now most often played only when the sovereign, governor-general or other member of the Royal Family is present, or in other situations where a royal anthem would be used, or on certain other occasions such as Anzac Day.

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Some other Commonwealth realms, such as Canada and Australia, use “God Save the Queen”, but unlike New Zealand it does not have co-official status as a national anthem in those countries; it is regarded solely as a royal anthem. However, its use in those countries are similar to that of New Zealand as New Zealand nowadays uses “God Save the Queen” almost exclusively on occasions associated with the monarchy.

The National and Royal Anthem of
🇳🇿 New Zealand and some of its dependencies [Cook Islands and Niue (royal) and Tokelau (national and royal)]

Also known as”God Save the King”
(when the monarch is male)
Music – Unknown composer
Adopted – 1856 (by New Zealand)

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