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  1. i dont think it is possible to hate it. Im also 16 and i have volunteered for 2 years now. I dont live in a very…multicultural…area so i cant help you with that problem. You will be harassed when you first join because your "the new guy." Dont let it get you upset. I can remember my first call and it was amazing. it was so loud and it was mass chaos and i loved it. I was instantly hooked. HOWEVER, you WILL see things that may bother you and may disturb you. You MUST to learn to forget them.

  2. Hey guys, if you're looking to join, go talk to your local department to see if they have a program. I got introduced to it through a class in high school and I joined when I was 16. Theres 2 things you have to be prepared for though. 1, you MUST be in good shape because your life depends on it. 2, you're gonna see some Fu@#ed up $hit. If you are squeamish about blood, don't do it. Be prepared for a lot of gross injuries and tragedy because 80% of most urban calls are medical. Good Luck!

  3. most states have their child labor laws extend to firefighting..so most states are 14 years old. I joined when i was 14, im 16 now and been taking basic FF1 classes and love every moment of it

  4. I joined the Exploring program about 8 months ago. For us you have to be 14 and you have to have passed 8th grade. You can participate during calls at different levels depending on what courses you have taken and can join the company at age 18. It's really fun and I help my bro when he does his truck checks and we go out on the pumper 🙂

  5. I've been wanting to be a junior for about a year, and last Thursday my parents finally let me join, I turned in my app, and was voted in as a probationary member. I love it already, and I've done one training with them. Here's what I recommend though….. pick a company that has a junior program, ask if you can attend a training or meeting so you can see what goes on there. If you like it, then apply. You won't regret it! I wish you luck! 🙂

  6. Where im from we dont have junior or explorer which i wish we would instead my old man brings me to training and fire classes so im at the same skill s a junior but im only 15

  7. It's been 7 months since I joined. They have been the BEST 7 months of my life. I have gotten the chance to go to a junior Fire academy where we did car fires, plane fires, rescue ops, EMS ops, you name it, we did it. Over the summer, I got to ride on my first medical call, and fire call. In a week, I get voted off probation. What state do you live in?

  8. instead of calling this juniors it should be explorers because that what it really is, yes its a junior thing but the actual programs and stuff are explorers

  9. I wanna do it, but I'm only 13 is there any in Louisiana where I can do it at 13, I'm into it. Please across the street from me there is a volunteer department, but idk if they have a jr. Program

  10. Patrick Hausler and Madison Cunningham – You can search for a department within 50 miles of your zip code by using the tool on the right side of the page at http://juniors.nvfc.org/junior. Just put your zip code in the box where it says 'search for programs.' You can then click on the name of departments and it will take you to a page of information, including age ranges and contact information for the local station.

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