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Nationwide Raids: 400+ arrests as Turkish security forces crack down on suspected ISIS members

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Turkish police and security forces detained around 400 suspected members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in nationwide raids.


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  1. Wow, talk about doing a 180, Turkey…. Or is it just for show? We dont know. No one knows. As always. With Turkey.

  2. parity bit 0 says:

    sounds like good news but unfortunately under the dictator erdogan these people probably just badmouthed him on Facebook and have nothing to do with isis

  3. Alex Johnson says:

    The only terrorist they caught in the video was a ginger who looked liked they nabbed straight from the Irish 🍀 pub…

  4. Anthony B says:

    just wait for the crackdown in the US

  5. huss1205 says:

    One day supporting ISIS, medicate their wounded in Turkey, buy the oil they steal from Syria and Iraq, next day fight them?

  6. God damn these ignorant retarded racists in the comment sections on RT…. pathetic

  7. Mr Happy Guy says:

    Didnt Erdogan say Islam is a religion of peace? Why is he sending peaceful Muslims to raid peaceful Muslims?

  8. Retired cia fucked man

  9. Dee R says:

    but everybody knows that ISIS is an american made product. why turkey, why??

  10. Peter Panino says:

    Middle Eastern simulation for propaganda usage.

  11. age of pain says:

    pls just stay away from us.We just wanna live our lives.Do your parties drink beers and fuck your girls friends.Enough stay away from TURKEY.You even dont know me dont know my family.How could you speak like that about our nationality?We dont wanna see you we dont wanna meet with you.ok? Just fuck off

  12. Yes, to round them up and send them back into Syria.

  13. 400+ ISIS. Riiight. Seems more like an entire population is radical. And absolutely none of them happen to be political opponents :)

  14. so ISIS has out-lived its usefulness……

  15. Cameras on a raid?? More like a Photo-op .. give me a break.

  16. fucking bullshit.This RT ! Has it been taken over by Soros or something

  17. lets count yhe shekels goyim

  18. assebas1974 says:

    I just don't understand why people keep Erdogan in his place. If this is what they want…

  19. thank you for not hiding his face!! I always think videos are staged when they protect the arrested persons identity.

  20. have they arrested Erdogan too?

  21. have they arrested Erdogan too?

  22. YouPlantTube says:

    So Erdogan as the main supporter of ISIS must be the first to be arrested…

  23. e320e98u says:

    did you guys see that ginger? seems like gingers really are joining isis.

  24. outbacktrek says:

    erdogan another mafiaDon ….

  25. G.D. Abir says:

    Fake arrests for eyewash LOL

  26. Todd Morrow says:

    They seem really scared as they casually saunter into the apartment

  27. downstreamTV says:

    It's so nonsensical to put snakes in your backyard thinking they're only going to bite your neighbors.

  28. Ramped Upp says:

    Even if its just for show, they didnt even bother pretending until Trump got into power. Goes to show that officials need pressure just to do anything beneficial to the people

  29. joe dyke says:

    There the same thing all evil

  30. Rmtiñho says:

    They forgot to raid the presidential palace.

  31. kill all islamist PIG's

  32. Seth Logsdon says:

    all that and you catch a redhead?…

  33. Taner says:

    they arrest their own soldiers

  34. somfplease says:

    need to be on trumps ban. Turk gov support terrorists

  35. Haha. ..a ginger isis member

  36. Mark Darwin says:

    Good so they can start arresting themselves and putting themselves to prison.

  37. Kay Vine says:

    I face palmed when they pulled the ginger out -_-

  38. Something very superficial about Turk's not wanting ISIS to recreate the Ottoman Empire, just like Israel locking up Ultra Zionists – look's like a publicity set up to reasure Russian interest's

  39. se7en1976 says:

    Turkey are one of the biggest financial contributors to ISIS that there is.


  41. Eric Joel says:

    im glad turkey is not on the list the travel ban. they are going after these filthy dogs hiding.

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