NDU COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE (NCC) where most of these barbaric acts were committed

1 year ago

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Since the beginning of the struggle for the restoration of our statehood there have been some gruesome stories but none so macabre as that of the Ndu people! In recent times we have seen the scorched earth policy culminating in the deaths of Mami Appih, Mami Ndumu etc to our utmost shock.What faced by the people of Ndu has been most foul.The level of atrocities perpetrated on these people was unspeakable. Eyewitness reports say men were forced to have intercourse with their offspring or men were forced to watch while their daughters were being brutally raped.
In some cases Men were forced to sit facing women(man facing woman) naked. Any man looking at a woman’s breast and whose penis gets erected was well beaten , It was a very long line of men and women facing each other. Two iron ladies were killed that first day.
A certain Mary from binshua village who was selling shaa in ndu town was killed
The sister of the late mayor of ndu(Martin Yembe) was murdered.
A certain man was shot that same day from the neighbouring village ngarum in ndu who had been sending invitations out in preparation for his marriage.
_ about 7 people were killed in one day.
Ndu was empty and the population fled to the neighboring villages.
People were mostly shot at the ndu park around the grand stand.
Nakeding were made in the school below👇 NDU COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE (NCC) where most of these barbaric acts were committed and in the old market just behind the council building.
History is repeating itself and we must not let that happen. Not under our watch.

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